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We Specialize...

in structural planning, design & analysis of large tank structures,

including their foundations, anchorage & appurtenances.

Water Districts, Tank Owners, Fellow Consultants -- Tell us about your next project!

Other Services...

We offer a wide array of other structural consulting services... see below.

Contractors, Developers, Building Owners... Tell us what you need!

Questions about our services?  Contact us!

service area

We hold

structural engineering

(S.E.) licenses in

CA, WA, OR, NV, UT, and AZ

Map of Current Structural Engineering SE licenses

services available

From concept, to design, to field support,

we offer the structural consulting services your project needs.

Actual services will vary by contract.

Tell us the specific services your project needs here.

Note: Some projects must proceed in phases.

summary of available services

Planning-phase services

Structural planning requires a significant understanding of system selection and the structural design process.  Early planning can require a thorough review of background and source documents, code & other regulatory requirements, an understanding of geotechnical design parameters, and substantial coordination with other disciplines.  Our planning-phase services can include:

  • Structural consulting services & Recommendation reports

  • Preparing contract documents

  • Bid support

Design-phase services

We work closely with our clients and their design teams to provide the best possible response to project challenges and constraints.  Our client’s core concept provides the overarching focus, while our services ensure a framework that is both reliable and structurally sound.  Our design-phase services can include:

  • Structural review services & Recommendations

  • Preliminary & Final design structural drawings

  • Design, analysis, & calculation reports.

Field support services

We focus on the needs of our clients, and that focus extends beyond design.  We’ll get your project to approval, but we’re still available for more!  Even after you pull permits, you may want to call us for field support.  Our construction-phase services can include:

  • Attending pre-construction meetings

  • Responding to Material submittals & RFIs

  • Performing Structural observations & Special inspections

  • Applying for construction-phase structural plan revisions

Existing structure services

Your existing structure represents a prior investment and carries with it a certain value.  We help our clients to manage that value, whether by providing repair or seismic retrofit design, or by planning a structural addition or remodel.  Our existing structure services can include:

  • Structural assessments

  • Seismic evaluation reports

  • Repair & Retrofit plans

  • Structural Remodels / Additions

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